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Aerospace and nautical companies need lightweight and complex components; hence the use of 3D printing for its cost effectiveness and fast production. Our experience and attention to detail ensures we use the very best materials for every project.

Industry Standards

Aeronautic companies searching for FAR25.853 certified prototype materials need look no further. Axis uses the same type of materials Boeing uses to build cooling ducts for their aircrafts. Using the nylon material which passes FAR25.853 tests allows clients to build prototypes in the most stringent environments.


  • Manufacturing


    Additive Manufacturing has two major benefits. It bridges the gap between prototype and full production. In addition to this, it also suppresses the tooling costs.

  • Tooling


    Rapid tooling is the ideal solution for larger number of parts. At Axis, we use three main processes in additive manufacturing to build rapid tooling.

  • Jigs & Fixtures

    Jigs & Fixtures

    Manufacturing depends on jigs, fixtures, templates and gauges. These tools need to be designed, manufactured and deployed quickly as they are essential in production.


  • Stereolithography


    SLA is a fast way to get smooth and accurate models made from a variety of photopolymers, allowing for different physical properties at a low cost. It is best suited for prototypes, moulds and casting patterns as well as scale / exhibition models.

  • Selective Laser Sintering

    Selective Laser Sintering

    SLS is commonly used to build strong and durable prototypes, low-volume production or even wax patterns for foundries. Because no support is needed in this process, very complex and interlocking parts can be built.

  • Direct Metal Laser Sintering

    Direct Metal Laser Sintering

    If you need to build strong parts or require low volume production, DMLS is the process you are looking for. The precise and functional models it can print makes it a great solution for functional prototyping, tooling alongisde jigs & fixtures.

  • Fused Deposit Modeling

    Fused Deposit Modeling

    FDM printed parts are used for functional testing and engineering applications. The high performance thermoplastic materials it uses allow for great properties, opening the door to rapid manufacturing amongst and other applications.

  • 3D Scanning

    3D Scanning

    Scanning allows for object replication. We offer scanning services through a portable optical CMM 3D scanner, the MetraSCAN 3D.

  • Premium Finish

    Premium Finish

    The purpose of the finishing process is to ensure that your prototype has the look and feel you want. Our expert makers and finishers will cater to all your needs.

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Axis Prototypes is a great supplier to work with. They provided more than enough information to make an informed decision on alternatives.

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