Selective Laser Sintering Materials

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Nylon 12

(ALM PA650)

SLS Nylon 12 is our most popular LS material when it comes to rapid manufacturing. It is white in color and combines strength, durability and chemical resistance. Producing strong, durable and end use prototype parts. SL parts are superior to FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) parts in that they are less porous, more precise and have less noticeable build lines.

  • Manufacturing housings and enclosures

  • Creating impellers and connectors

  • Function testing snap-fit designs

  • Direct digital manufacturing

  • Complex production of ductwork

  • Prototyping plastic parts

  • 48MPa/ 6.96ksi

    Tensile strength at break

  • 24%

    Elongation at break

  • 177°C@ 0.46 MPa (66 psi)

    Deflection temperature

  • 0.10mm .006"

    Build Layer Thickness

Nylon 11

(ALM FR106)

This Rapid Prototyping nylon material has certain additives in the raw material that allows it to pass aeronautic standard FAR25.853 smoke, flame, and toxicity tests. This material is ideal for aeronautic applications and any other application that needs self extinguishing properties for rapid prototype parts or V0 flammability ratings. Flammability Test Results.

  • Ideal for lenses and manufacturing packaging supplies

  • Water flow analysis

  • RTV molding and manufacturing patterns

  • Concept modeling

  • Wind tunnel testing

  • Manufacturing Quickcast patterns

  • 39MPa/ 6.7ksi

    Tensile strength at break

  • 21%

    Elongation at break

  • 186°C@ 0.46 MPa (66 psi)

    Deflection temperature

  • .004" .006"

    Build Layer Thickness

3D systems Castform

Castform is a wax infiltrated polystyrene prototype material used to fabricate master patterns made of wax for foundries. Prototype aluminum castings are the most popular for this material. Larger bulkier parts with complex geometries work best for this method of 3D printing using wax.

  • Complex investment casting patterns without tooling

  • Functions like foundry wax and is “foundry friendly”

  • Low residual ash content (less than 0.02%)

  • Short burnout cycle

  • Easy-to-process plastic

  • Good plastic powder recycle characteristics

  • 2.84MPa/ 412psi

    Tensile strength, Ultimate

  • 0.02%

    Ash content

  • >63 °C

    Melting Point

  • 1604MPa/ 232ksi

    Tensile Modulus

TPU-70A Thermoplastic Urethane Powder

Prodways TPU-70A is a fine powder based on Thermoplastic Urethane, specifically formulated to function on laser sintering- or radiation-based additive manufacturing systems. It enables the manufacturing of prototypes, presentation models and functional parts in elastomeric plastic with High detail resolution, Good chemical resistance, Flexible and smooth.

  • High detail resolution

  • Long life cycle without infiltration

  • Flexible and smooth

  • Very low refresh rates

  • Easy to color

  • 5.5MPa/ 0.8ksi

    Tensile strength at break

  • XY 325%Z 175%

    Elongation at break

  • 70A

    Shore Test (Shore A)

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