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    Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing Services, SLA, SLS, FDM, DMLS Prototype Models and Additive Manufacturing


    SLA prototype of a scanner used at NASA for measuring wind speeds
  • why Axis Prototypes
  • 3d printed torch
    Submersible sonar printed in SLA
  • 3d printed torch
    Prototype of the torch for a worldwide sporting event using SLA and SLS
  • rapid prototyping services
    Prototype of the Riddell REVO™ speed football helmet,
    now used in the CFL & NFL
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Your Partner in e-Manufacturing

As one of Canada's premier 3D printing companies, we offer a comprehensive range of rapid prototyping services that transform digital models into solid 3D prototypes via additive manufacturing technologies such as FDM, SLS, SLA and DMLS. Prototyping services
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Beyond 3D Printing...

Make your 3D printed part or shape look and feel the way you want. Our post-process options allow us to offer custom finished and color matched 3D printed models which will make it difficult for even the keenest observer to distinguish the prototype from the real thing.
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Need a 3D Printer Instead?

We distribute professional, industrial-grade 3D printers and resins for a wide array of 3d printed applications. These next generation SLA printers print up to half a billion pixels/layer and use moving DLP heads and UV LEDS to ensure consistent, high quality resolution across the entire build area. Our 3D Printers
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Target locations

We can ship prototypes or 3D printed parts to all Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. We can also serve all major American USA cities.
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Prototypes for Any Purpose

Whether you need a functional prototype, conceptual model, or finished part for your marketing demonstrations, you've come to the right place. We also supply 3d printed parts for short-run manufacturing.