Rapid Prototyping Services In Vancouver

Vancouver has Canada’s largest port and is considered one of North America’s major gateways for Pan-Pacific trade. It is a coastal seaport city located in British Columbia, Canada. The census of 2011 indicates that there are around 600,000 people living in this beautiful city, which makes it the 8th largest Canadian municipality. There is a great deal of economic activity around the city these days with the aviation, construction, medical health, tourism, film production, technology, logistics, transportation and financial services in the forefront of this activity. Rapid prototyping services are booming in Vancouver since of the last couple of years or so.
Rapid prototyping is a method that is used to design models and prototypes of various products before the final nod is given to start production. This would allow the business owner to ascertain the flaws of their products before it goes into production. It would help to save millions of dollars that would have been wasted if the flaws were identified at the end of the production process. Rapid prototyping has many types which include SLS prototyping, SLA prototyping, FDM prototyping, Object prototyping, DMLS prototyping and many others.

Selective Laser Sintering or SLS prototyping uses a high powered laser to fuse small particles of metal, plastic, glass or ceramic powders into a mass with a desirable 3-Dimensional shape. The advantage of this method is its ability to easily make many complex geometries directly from digital CAD data. SLA Prototyping or Stereolithography is another popular rapid prototyping service used in Vancouver. The system consist of an ultra-violet laser, a controlling system and a vat of photo curable liquid resin. This method is great for show models and fit & form testing.

There are many industries which could benefit from rapid prototyping services in Vancouver. The aviation industry is one sector whcih could benefit the most from this service. Medical health, construction and film production are some of the other industries that could make use of rapid prototyping services. It would definitely help to increase the production and lower wastage in the long run.