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Regardless of your industry, Axis makes everything possible. We offer 3D printing services for a variety of industries, including aeronautics, automobile, consumer, dental and medical and sporting goods amongst others. You name it, we build it.


The aerospace industry was one of the first to implement 3D printing, a technology that allows aerospace to push the boundaries of what’s achievable and make innovative changes with additive manufacturing. Aerospace companies need lightweight and complex components. Hence the use of 3D printing for its cost effectiveness and fast production.

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3D printing is a valuable tool for architectural firms; it creates complex, durable and detailed models in a large variety of materials, using CAD data. This grants the industry the opportunity to test market potential, discuss ideas with buyers or even raise capital from investors.

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Rapid prototyping tackles the current challenges facing the automotive industry. These challenges include the demand for innovation, customization and sustainable energy efficiency, to name a few. Prototyping car parts mitigates risk by validating the design of a part before going to tooling. Engineers and designers can operate more iteratively, test more thoroughly and proceed confidently to production. It also allows them bringing to market a superior product than the competition.

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Consumer goods prototypes, the largest of any market sector, account for 25% of all prototypes made. Prototype casings and enclosures such as iPod, iPad and iPhone accessories and casings are among the most popular and custom casings are gaining in market share. Toy prototypes also account for a large part of consumer prototypes.

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Dental scanning technologies, married with high precision rapid prototype dental technologies, are spurring a digital revolution in the world of dentistry. For example, before, we had to make a physical mold of teeth and cast a clay mold to correctly position crowns, but today, dentists can simply make a 3D scan of the teeth and build the 3D dental model directly on a 3D printer with great accuracy. Dental labs can produce, accurately and rapidly, crowns, bridges and a range of orthodontic appliances that make the process more comfortable and less intrusive for the patient.

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In an industry where breakthroughs save lives, 3D printing helps doctors, researchers and medical manufacturers to visualize procedures, test parts and personalize healthcare. Rapid prototyping in the medical field allows for the testing of parts without having to invest a huge amount of capital in tooling. By extension, the cost of design iterations and changes are greatly reduced when using biocompatible prototypes in the testing and design stages of medical product development.

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In sports, performance does not only depend on an athlete’s performance: equipment is also crucial. The sports equipment industry optimizes the system for athletics by turning to 3D printing to produce robust, lightweight versions of complex sports equipment. For that reason, 3D Printing has been a game changer for the sporting goods sector.

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Intense competition rules the telecom industry, one the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. Consequently, telecom companies are always seeking news ways to increase efficiency. Many improvements come in the form of 3D printed telecommunication equipment, which is why in this industry, clear prototype materials are the most widespread.

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At Axis, we offer solutions and results that are accurate, consistent and perfectly fitting to your project. Regardless of your industry, we deliver a rapid 3D printing service on time, that respects your budget and specifications. And, that’s what makes us stand out from other 3D printing companies. Browse the sections below to discover the solutions and materials we use alongside the projects we've completed.

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Designer and manufacturer of safety products

AXIS is an excellent provider of Rapid Prototyping services. They have always delivered a quality product at a low cost.

Manufacturer of construction tools

Very impressed with the transfer of data and quality of the parts from AXIS.

Manufacturer of public spectator seating

Parts were delivered on time and in perfect shape.

Important entertainment and lighting control manufacturer

Axis Prototypes is a great supplier to work with. They provided more than enough information to make an informed decision on alternatives.

Major US Manufacturer of Fabricated Steel Products

Our customers are addicted to the quality and service that AXIS provides. Over the last 8 years, we’ve built garden tools, mobile computers, beer taps, and prosthetics. We’ve constantly demanded more from our prototypes, and Axis has responded by adding new materials, new equipment and new knowledge. Axis is essential to our business.

Leading Canadian design firm

Once again you have taken top spot. I will never take quotes from any other supplier, due to your outstanding performance. Over and over, your team at Axis has made me shine. Thank you for your excellent support.

Automotive mold and engineering firm

Axis Proto has won our hearts and we can see why your firm came recommended to us. Without a doubt Axis Proto takes it's business serious and quality. Thank you in the highest manner

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