Quality Rapid Prototyping Services In Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian province Alberta. The 2011 indicates the city’s population as 812,201. In fact, Edmonton is Canada’s 5th largest municipality and the 2nd largest city of Alberta. It is considered a major center of the oil and gas industry of Canada. Edmonton is nicknamed as the “oil capital of Canada” due to the huge investment in the gas, oil and pipeline sectors. Edmonton has a thriving knowledge based industry with much focus on IT and communication related services. The medical health, construction and manufacturing sectors are the other sectors that are currently booming in Edmonton. This makes it one of the best cities for rapid prototyping services. In fact, there are numerous rapid prototyping services operating in the city right now.
Rapid prototyping is a service that would design and build prototype models for various products prior to those products being manufactured on a mass scale. This is a great way to know if there are any flaws in these products before the nod is given for large scale manufacturing. It helps to save millions of dollars and valuable time for business owners. Rapid prototyping services are currently being used by many companies that manufacture mass scale products.

There are many types of rapid prototyping services such as SLS prototyping, FDM prototyping, SLA prototyping and DMLS prototyping. SLS a.k.a. Selective Laser Sintering uses a kind of high powered laser in order to fuse glass, ceramic, metal or plastic powders into masses with required three dimensional shapes. This service is advantageous since it can make many complex geometries quite easily. Stereolithography a.k.a. SLA prototyping consists of an UV laser, photo-curable liquid resin and a controlling system. This method is widely used to manufacture “show models” in many industries.

Rapid prototyping services could be used by many other industries such as the medical health industry, construction and manufacturing sectors in Edmonton. It will no doubt help to increase the productivity and profits of these industries in the long run.