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Telecom companies have long partnered with Axis for their prototypes and short run manufacturing needs. Clear prototype materials are the most popular in this industry. Clear prototype casings are used to gauge interference between circuit boards, fiber optic cables and other wires on servers once closed and assembled.

Industry Standards

One major telecom company employs Axis to fabricate light pipes using additive manufacturing on a JIT (Just in Time) delivery schedule. This cuts all inventory costs and helps lean manufacturing.


  • Manufacturing


    Additive Manufacturing has two major benefits. It bridges the gap between prototype and full production. In addition to this, it also suppresses the tooling costs.


  • Stereolithography


    SLA is a fast way to get smooth and accurate models made from a variety of photopolymers, allowing for different physical properties at a low cost. It is best suited for prototypes, moulds and casting patterns as well as scale / exhibition models.

  • Selective Laser Sintering

    Selective Laser Sintering

    SLS is commonly used to build strong and durable prototypes, low-volume production or even wax patterns for foundries. Because no support is needed in this process, very complex and interlocking parts can be built.

  • Fused Deposit Modeling

    Fused Deposit Modeling

    FDM printed parts are used for functional testing and engineering applications. The high performance thermoplastic materials it uses allow for great properties, opening the door to rapid manufacturing amongst and other applications.

  • Polyjet


    Polyjet has the unique ability to print an array of rigid plastics and soft rubbers all in the same part, just like overmolds do. Its 30 μm layers make very fine details and realistic textures possible for any part

  • Premium Finish

    Premium Finish

    The purpose of the finishing process is to ensure that your prototype has the look and feel you want. Our expert makers and finishers will cater to all your needs.

Here’s what our telecom clients had to say

Our customers are addicted to the quality and service that AXIS provides. Over the last 8 years, we’ve built garden tools, mobile computers, beer taps, and prosthetics. We’ve constantly demanded more from our prototypes, and Axis has responded by adding new materials, new equipment and new knowledge. Axis is essential to our business.

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