3D Printing Services

We harness the latest technologies in 3D printing to deliver prototypes of varying materials, shapes, and finishings -- on time, on budget and to specifications.

SLA 3D printing

We run five large platform 500 x 500mm SL (stereolithography) machines and one high-definition 250 x 250mm Viper SLA printer to produce high quality, low-cost prototypes in as few as 3 days.
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DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printing

Our ProMakerL 3D printers from Prodways use a first-in-the-market technology (MovingLight®) that cures layers at ultra-high resolutions anywhere on the platform — even for large parts — and at build speeds much faster than conventional DLP or SLA /laser printers. DLP printers

SLS 3D printing

Our expertise of this versatile prototyping technology is extensive; we use SLS (selective laser sintering) to produce plastic and metal prototypes as well as wax infiltrated master patterns for casting in foundries. SLS page

FDM 3D printing

When it comes to printing polycarbonate or ABS prototypes, FDM or Fused Deposition Modeling is one AM technology you can rely on. FDM 3D printed shapes are robust and are well suited for non visible parts where surface finishing is not critical. FDM printing services

DMLS printing

Equipped with a high-performance DMLS machine with a build area of just under 1250 cubic inches, we deliver 3D printed sintered metal prototypes to support a wide range of market applications.
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Give your 3D prototype the look and feel you want after it comes off our printer. A multitude of post-printing services are available, from painting to texturing to electroplating. Ideal for marketing and promotional demonstrations and photo shoots. Finishing page
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*If given a ready-to-print CAD file
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