Objet Geometries Prototyping Service

If you need soft rubber prototypes, Axis can deliver with Connex 3D digital materials printer. Axis Prototypes owns and operates the high end Connex 500 machine, the flagship Objet 3D printer. The Objet Connex is currently the only 3D printer system that can produce multi-durometer over molded prototype parts. 3D printed parts from this machine can be a large as 20 inches by 15 inches. Clients can easily buy 3D printed parts from the Axis Connex 3D printing service.

Over molded prototype parts are among the most popular uses of the Objet printing technology. Objet printers can produce large rubber prototypes as soft as shore 27A and as hard as shore 87D. Another popular application is the use of grey scale colors when combining digital materials.

Objet build layer thickness:
between .0006” and .001”, depending on size of parts and the level of detail required

Typical Objet build tolerances:
+/- .005” for the first linear inch, +/- .001” for every inch thereafter, MAX +/-.01”