Kraken Submarine



Kraken Sonar Inc. is a company thriving at the frontier of marine technology. As innovators of Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS), a revolutionary underwater imaging technique, they have now expanded to combine advanced acoustic sensors with the creation of underwater autonomous vehicles. Considered world-leading innovators in the field, their work pulls the attention and business of both notable military and commercial clients. With an upcoming trade show imposing a fast-approaching deadline, Kraken turned to AXIS Prototypes for the quality solutions that rapid prototyping has to offer. The client needed a quick, yet elegant, prototype of a new product and turned to our experts in 3D printing to complete the job.

  1. Objectve & Challenges
  2. Solution & Material
  3. Finishing & Post processing
  4. Final notes


Due to the complex nature of the prototypes, which were a combination of intricate sonar parts and a full model of the underwater drone, traditional means of production would prove too slow and expensive. Kraken needed a solution that was both quick, accurate, and cost efficient.
The advantages of 3D printing quickly became clear, as the all-in-one process creates not only accurate prototypes, but eliminates material redundancies and the need for middle-men in design and manufacturing, thus slashing costs without negating the quality of the product. At Axis, we excel in providing expert advice and consultation, while also generating products in minimal lead time with competitive market prices on a cost-per-cubic-inch basis.


To complete the project, our team chose the prototyping service Stereolithography (SLA) to produce the 3D model. SLA prototyping was among the first services offered at AXIS and, as one of the fastest and most accurate ways to create 3D parts, it remains at the centre of our prototyping services. SLA is commonly used to create exhibition models, and its resin-based material provides a unique freedom to engineer wide ranges of properties and aesthetics. It creates high resolution features right out of the printer which, combined with our finishing options, promised a sleek and efficient model for Kraken.


For the creation of the underwater drone and sonar parts we used a combination of different resins to produce the prototype, after which we finished with our Showroom Level finishing option. Showroom Level utilizes automotive-grade paint and consists of the highest standards of sanding and primer-coating available, optimal for commercial models such as the prototype’s showcase in the trade show. We completed the large volume of manufacturing, including 15 elements, for Kraken in under two weeks, all perfectly printed, surfaced, and painted.


Final Notes

With the models completed and the dead-line reached, the partnership between Kraken and AXIS became yet another one of the many reasons why 3D printing is rapidly becoming a top choice in manufacturing. Our additive printers are capable of creating intricate and complex 3D parts with simply a file, a process that gives greater control and creativity to the client, in minimal lead times. 3D printing offers innovators accurate models, with flexibility on the material and finishing of the prototype, reducing costs in multiple areas of the manufacturing process. Our team at AXIS is dedicated to collaboration, and provides live representatives to most efficiently and effectively complete a project, from design to the final 3D model. Our focus extends beyond just printing a file, and includes aiding with any questions or concerns in order to yield an accurate product, in exactly the way a client envisions it. We strive to be more than a faceless DIY platform, bringing our expertise to the forefront of 3D printing, with reduced costs and quick turnaround time.