Genistar distributes SLA DLP 3D Printers


MONTREAL, Quebec (June 9, 2014) – Genistar, sister company of Axis Prototypes in Montreal, has entered into an agreement with Prodways of France to distribute and service its line of high-capacity industrial grade 3D Printers in North America. The printers distributed under the agreement are the ProMaker L series, which represent one of two classes of DLP (Digital Light Processing) printers from the French manufacturer, a pioneer in the development of 3D printing technologies who is the first to employ a moving DLP projector head. The technology, aptly called MovingLight®, allows the projection of the image to cure as the head moves and utilizes powerful UVA LEDs to achieve consistent high resolution across the entire build platform while maximizing overall printing efficiency. Its largest 3d printer can achieve up to half a billion pixels per layer with no added costs or compromise in speed.


In addition to 3d printers, Genistar will be representing Prodways’ premium composite and hybrid materials, UV curable resins suited for a variety of 3d printed applications in the commercial, industrial, and consumer sectors.


“With Genistar representing the next generation of commercial 3D SLA printers, we are able to compete as an integrated supplier of 3D printing solutions given our extensive experience and expertise with additive manufacturing technologies and rapid prototyping supplied through our sister company,” said Gilles Desharnais, President of Genistar.


About Genistar

Genistar is the sister company of Axis Prototypes, a provider of manufacturing services specializing in 3d printing and rapid prototyping. Genistar and Axis Prototypes share the same facility in Montreal where it prints 3d parts for prototyping applications (conceptual or functional). Both companies are private and maintain an extensive inventory of production-grade 3d printers and scanning equipment.


About Prodways

Prodways is division of Groupe Gorgé, an innovative mid-sized international exporter of high-technology products and 3d printing solutions with a presence in 12 countries. Founded in 1990, Groupe Gorgé trades on the NYSE (GGRGF, GGRGY) and Euronext Exchange ( EPA:GOE). For more information, visit