Axis rapid prototypes helps Teknion


Axis rapid prototypes helps Teknion win best of NEOCON Award for FXTM accessories

Axis rapid prototypes helps Teknion

Montreal, Quebec, Canada July 26 2010 — When folks in the product development industry think of additive manufacturing applications, office furniture seldom comes to mind. Many of us are still under the guise that this technology is only cost effective for smaller complex objects. By partnering with avant-garde companies such as Teknion who are willing to push the envelope in their respective industries, Axis Rapid Prototypes, Canada’s leading Additive manufacturing service centre, is changing this paradigm.

Ruth Lytle, Program Manager at Teknion, contacted Axis Prototypes because of concerns she had regarding the ability of their in-house FDM machines to produce what they needed in a timely manner.

“Many times prototyping is done in-house, but this case needed expert help to create samples for our most important annual tradeshow, NeoCon, the largest of its kind in North America. fx accessories are used to improve organization and encourage personalization in the workspace. The line is designed to create an impression of both simplicity and attention to detail. In order to realize this, our tradeshow prototypes needed a very high degree of accuracy, and impeccable finishing. Axis Prototypes has the technology to produce the former, and the skilled people to deliver the latter,” states Lytle.

Axis rapid prototypes helps Teknion

A critical elements and application discussion revealed that SL (Stereo Lithography) technology would eliminate all the limitations of the in-house FDM process as well as significantly cut lead time. Parts built using SL technology would have high accuracy, require minimal finishing, be robust, and even the largest prototype parts could be built as one piece, improving both accuracy and eliminating the need to assemble.

In all, two complete office sets, totaling 34 parts, of the fx accessories were built, finished, color matched and painted in about 12 working days. Teknion fx workplace accessories ended up winning the Silver prize in the best of NeoCon awards.

“Working with Axis on this project was a good experience. They were able to meet our tight deadlines, do the color-matching we required, adapt to on-the-fly changes, and had competitive pricing. They were also very supportive in providing replacement units to help us deal with accidental breakage of the pieces at the eleventh hour.We continue to do business with Axis,” says Lytle.

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Teknion is a leading international designer, manufacturer and marketer of office systems and related office furniture products. Teknion headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario. The company has offices and facilities in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Russia and Malaysia, and serves clients through a network of authorized dealers worldwide. Visit Teknion at