Large bug eyes for the Montreal insectarium


Axis Prototypes delivers large bug eyes for the montreal insectarium

Montreal, Quebec, Aug 24, 2009 — AXIS Prototypes, working closely with Prisme 3, a prominent Montreal arts design company, delivered two large replicas of dragonfly eyes to the Montreal Insectarium for the grand opening of the new discovery space “BuzzGround” . Built using a clear resin with rapid prototyping technologies, this project is a key example of the liberty of creation offered by the use of additive fabrication technologies to deliver custom urban mobilia and arts.


BuzzGround officially opened its doors on June 12, 2009. This new interactive outdoor space adjacent to the Botanical Gardens boasts three distinct zones: A DISCOVERY ZONE, where visitors can stroll through various insect interpretation stations, including a butterfly house, a pond filled with aquatic wildlife, and an agora where groups can gather, A FUN ZONE, with original games for ages 1 to 5 and 6 to 12, centered on the theme of insects and their habitats, and A FOOD SERVICES ZONE, with a patio restaurant and a picnic area, the perfect spot to relax.


The dragon fly eyes, built in a transparent SLA resin, are permanently mounted outdoors in the DISCOVERY ZONE of the “BuzzGround”, exposed to direct sunlight and exposed to the harshness of Montreal weather. This implementation of parts demonstrates the significant improvements in SLA resins. “Rapid Prototyping materials have come a long way in the past few years. This has brought about an avalanche of new functional applications for additive fabrication and opened the door to rapid manufacturing” says general manager, Robin Clifford. He adds, “This model is a quintessential example of the out of the box thinking regarding the virtually limitless applications of rapid prototyping.” Until recently, designers were limited to using 3D rendering software to create and print anything they could think of. Now, with the help of high precision 3D scanning equipment, everything from minute bugs to monumental wonders 6956 Jarry east, Montreal, PQ H1P3C1 Canada Tel: 888-320-8851 Fax: 514-351-3033 such as the Taj Mahal can be scanned, scaled to any size and printed in 3 dimensions using rapid prototyping technology.


“We were looking for a way to build a pedagogical game to allow kids to see the world through bugs’ eyes. We developed a scaled model larger than a human head. And then, Axis Prototypes realized the model in a clear resin, allowing us to produce this unique urban mobilia at a very reasonable price and with a very short delay“, stated David St-Onge from Prisme 3.

Elaine Boileau, project manager, for the insectarium opted to give the eyes, which were originally clear, a green tint, a truer representation of the actual color of dragon fly eyes. Many iterations of design were attempted in order to get the best demonstration of bug vision. Any golfer will attest to the fact that they have a peculiar semblance to a couple of oversized golf balls.


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