Why Choose Axis Prototypes?

We Put the Word "Pro" in Prototyping

As bonafide experts in additive manufacturing, we can print plastic, plastic-like, and metal prototypes for fit, form, and functional testing using the latest 3D printing technologies. Our expertise lies beyond setting up and printing your file, however; we'll find the optimal build orientation of your model to yield the maximum dimensional accuracy, eliminate material redundancies, and recommend any surface finishing or secondary operations so that your part looks and feels the way you envisioned it.

Support..with a Human Touch

Axis Prototypes is not a faceless DIY platform or 3d printing hub that'll leave you waiting for support when you need it. While we're big proponents of automation and self-service, nothing can replace the efficiency and efficacy of getting answers from a live representative concerning your project's needs.

With Quick Prints come Fast Delivery

ETA for polymer-based 3D prints destined for Canada or the US is between 1 and 5 business days upon receiving your digital file. We offer competitive lead times because of our preferential arrangement with couriers, high-speed commercial grade printers, and streamlined quotation process.

Note: weather conditions, unforeseen file changes, part size, printing volume and any post-processing services may prolong this delivery period.

Hard-to-Beat Value

On a cost-per-cubic-inch basis, our pricing is at par or below what rival 3d printing companies charge, given the same material and AM technology.

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