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Why Choose Axis Prototypes?


We print parts — it's what we do. Printing parts of all shapes, sizes, and materials since 2002, we have become bonafide experts in our field. Need a prototype that strikes the perfect balance between fit, form, and function while staying in line with your production budgets? You've come to right place. Browse gallery

Quality & Performance

We never compromise on quality. We use premium, non-recycled materials to ensure that your part is dimensionally accurate and meets our rigorous performance and Quality Assurance tests.


ETA for polymer-based 3D prints destined for Canada or the US is typically 1-5 business days upon receiving the client's digital file. We offer competitive lead times because of our preferential arrangement with couriers, high-speed commercial grade printers, and streamlined quotation process.

Note: weather conditions, unforeseen file changes, part size, printing volume and any post-processing services may prolong this delivery period.


On a cost-per-cubic-inch basis, our pricing is at par or below what rival 3d printing companies charge, given the same material and AM technology.

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