SLA Rapid Prototyping / Stereolithography Prototypes

Axis currently owns and operates 5 large platform (500mm by 500mm) SL machines as well as 1 high definition Viper SLA (250mm x 250mm) Stereo Lithography machines positioning us as an important North American Prototype Manufacturer. The economies of scale help us provide low cost SLA prototypes as well as extremely large SLA prototypes as fast as next day prototypes. Our Stereo Lithography prototyping service is ideal for individual product developers and enterprises. No prototype project is too small or too large.

Axis’ first prototype service offering was 3D printing with SLA and remains one of our core prototype service offerings. Prototyping in SLA is one of the fastest and most accurate ways to produce 3D parts. Request quote

• DSM Somos 9120
• DSM Somos Watershed® XC 11122
• DSM Somos 18420
• DSM Somos NeXT

SLA build layer thickness:
Between .002” and .006”, depending on size of parts and the level of detail required

Typical SLA build tolerances:
+/- .005” for the first linear inch, +/- .002” for every inch thereafter ( MAX +/-.020”)

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*If given a ready-to-print CAD file
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