SLS Prototyping Service

Axis offers the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) prototyping service, one of the most versatile prototyping systems on the market. 3D Printing with SLS prototyping machines can produce metal prototypes, plastic prototypes as well as wax infiltrated master patterns for casting in foundries.

The SLS prototype service is ideal for rapid manufacturing and additive manufacturing because it uses real thermoplastics and metals. Axis currently operates 3 production grade SLS machines which makes it possible for clients to place an order and receive durable prototypes fast! Utilizing the SLS 3D printing technology by way of additive manufacturing service allows product development managers to bridge the gap between the prototype stage and large scale manufacturing. Laser sintering machines can be used to print one off prototypes as well as large quantities, typically up to1000, of 3D printed parts destined for end use and field trials. LS (Laser Sintering) materials are as close as it comes to production plastics and metal parts. 3D printing with SLS can produce colored parts as well. Axis offers a variety of color SLS options. Although the most popular are white or black SLS parts.

SLS build layer thickness:
between .004” and .006”, depending on size of parts and the level of detail required

Typical SLS build tolerances:
+/- .005” for the first linear inch, +/- .002” for every inch thereafter, MAX +/-.020”

Wax Pattern for Lost Wax Casting
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