Finishing, Plating, and Painting Services

Axis Prototypes employs some of the world’s top model makers and finishers who can give your prototypes or short run manufactured parts the look you want. We cater to all your needs, from strip and ship (right off the machine) prototypes to fully finished marketing prototypes and scale models. Finished prototypes also make great movie props.


Our professional painters can color match virtually any color from a pantone PMS color, a color swatch, or from a part you send us. We also offer soft touch paints and can add texture to virtually any surface and can also closely match a plethora of tints.


Axis also offers metal plating on prototypes. All of our prototype materials have been extensively tested and have passed the prototype plating process. We offer copper plated prototypes, nickel plated prototypes, gold plated prototypes and more! Metal plated prototypes have up to 10 times the strength of non-plated prototypes.

Finishing and paint guide (pdf)
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