3D Printing Materials - DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering)

Material Selection Guide ▼

Stainless steel - PH1 (AKA ss316)

This Stainless steel prototyping material is incredibly tough and resistant to heat and oxidization. It is used in medical applications and for complex tooling inserts such as tooling inserts with conformal cooling channels. PH1 can be tempered for even greater part properties.


  • Engineering applications including functional prototyping
  • Manufacturing small series products and individualized spare parts
  • Direct manufacturing parts requiring hardness and strength
  • Corrosion resistance testing and sterilization testing

Marging Steel - MS1

Marging steel is slightly more cost effective than PH1 and will deliver a much higher precision metal prototype that the SLS A6 tooling steel material. This means greater cost and time savings when it comes to the final step of machining the tooling insert or prototype if needed


  • Direct manufacturing heavy duty injection molds and inserts
  • Moulding Thermoplastics using standard injection parameters with achievable tools
  • Direct manufacturing functional prototypes
  • Manufacturing parts which require particularly high strength and hardness