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EOS M270 metal sintering machine.
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is as state of the art as it gets when it comes to 3D printed sintered metal prototypes. DMLS prototyping machines build in layers of 20 or 40 microns. Military, Medical and Aerospace industries are the main users of our metal 3D printing service but we are seeing more and more tooling shops use DMLS to make rapid tooling inserts. DMLS metal prototypes are the most costly of all the processes. DMLS machines can fabricate titanium rapid prototype parts, stainless steel prototypes, In718 (Inconel) production parts and medical grade stainless steel prototype parts.
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For a complete list of DMLS materials, please click on the materials cube. Contact us for specialty or exotic materials.

DMLS build layer thickness:
between .0008” and .0016”, depending on size of parts and the level of detail required

Typical DMLS build tolerances:
+/- .005” for the first linear inch, +/- .001” for every inch thereafter, MAX +/-.02”