Automotive Prototypes

Axis Prototypes is an approved supplier of Ford, General Motors, and many other tier 1, 2, and 3 suppliers such as the Magna Group. Our experience and attention to detail ensures we use the very best automotive prototype materials for every project. SLS prototype parts for vehicles are very popular because the material is heat resistant and it can handle a great deal of vibration. Prototype engine parts such as prototype intake manifolds and prototype engine covers are among the more popular uses. Fully finished prototype vehicle interior parts that resemble manufactured parts can be easily made with our 3D printing technology and expertise.

There has been a boom in the use of rapid prototypes for the automotive industry in recent years. Prototyping car parts mitigate risk by validating the design of a part before going to tooling. It also allows for invaluable feedback from potential clients and focus groups in order to bring to market a superior product than the competition.

Axis Prototypes is proud to sponsor many Formula SAE teams.

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