Aeronautical and Aerospace Prototypes

Aeronautic companies searching for FAR25.853 certified prototype materials need look any further. Axis uses the same type of materials Boeing uses to build cooling ducts for their aircraft.

“If our customers purchase 40 or 50 aircraft a year, and Boeing has to make only three or four cooling ducts per aircraft, it doesn’t make sense to spend the time or money producing expensive tooling and performing the multiple lay up steps,” says Clark. “We can produce the DuraForm parts the customer needs directly on an SLS system. Later, if there is greater demand for more parts, we can go forward with production tooling by building the tooling itself using SLS technology”
- Jerry Clark, manager of the Air Vehicle Configuration Design, Integration and Rapid Development Department of The Boeing Company in Mesa

Using the nylon material which passes FAR25.853 tests allows clients to build prototypes in the most stringent environments. FAR25.853 is a standard that was developed for flight where manufactured parts need to pass smoke, flame and toxicity tests for flight. The SLS material is also used in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) prototypes and UAV parts. The SLS nylon material is ideal for prototypes for flight as it is also very light.
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